Poll Results are in:

Two weeks ago I asked the public :"Does this blog make you more inclined to grow a moustache?" What surprised me was that a lot more people voted than I originally thought! (over 40 people!)

The results were:

I already have a moustache: 37%
Yes: 28%
No: 26%


It's interesting that more people have moustaches than people who want moustaches. More people want moustaches than people who don't want moustaches. So according to my research (and brain), in the future there will be more moustaches than there are now!!

Even Glenn Beck couldn't explain my moustache logic more clearly

Unfortunately, if 37% of my viewers have moustaches, I have a feeling my blog is much more popular with men than women. Ideally I'd like balance!

If you have any suggestions for blog improvement, leave me a comment :) I'll be doing a post on truck drivers with moustaches soon.


  1. ^ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maize

  2. hahaha best guy! I love Billy Mays and his agricultural counterpart.

  3. Labels: blog, charlie sheen, finger moustache, Glenn Beck

  4. it makes me wonder if you need a "im a girl" vote on the poll and try again. you might have had them not vote at all! who knows?

    plus, my mustache is AWESOME.

  5. That's a lot of mustaches. I wonder how many are of the ironic variety.

  6. Haha, since 100% of males want or have a mustache (which is a conclusion I came to after researching within my mind), everyone that voted 'no' must be female. And I have a feeling that some females Want a mustache but can't due to there level of testosterone and whatnot.

    I hope that makes you feel better about your male/female ratio.

  7. I know some women with a lot of facial hair. Eew.

  8. Well, you didn't leave an option for "I am a girl, so I (most likely) don't have a mustache"
    Maybe there were some girls who said that they want mustaches, like that crazy finger 'stache thing.... Ehh.
    Anyway, good work.

  9. Dude, dude. I need an article about how to trim/groom a mustache, what things should I buy.

  10. I am a weak human, I can't grow a true stache

  11. http://epicmoustacheblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/steps-to-growing-moustache.html

    i think that article covers how to grow a moustache, it's just that moustache trimming takes practice i suppose, you cant teach someone online how to trim, just go at it.

    but the key is to buy little, sharp scissors only like 4 inches long at most and trim using that. shave the parts you want smooth

  12. I just got rid of my moustache...unfortunate, I know.

  13. I've got to admit, I'm still going without a mustache...

  14. Your numbers only add up to 91%...

    So, maybe the missing 9% are girls?

  15. That picture is..unbelievable.