It's been a while

hopefully this man brightens your day. I'm looking forwards to the 2015 mustache world championships!


Don't try this at home. Please, just don't.

Turn any website into a 90s style Geocities website made by a 13 year old

Check out what my blog looks like!

Just click here to go back into the past

If you want to do it with your own url, Go here

make your own blog look super retro :P

101 Dalmatians -> Dr. House + Arthur Weasley

So I checked on IMDB, this picture is true. It's strange how roles change. 
On an unrelated note, I got paid for the first time by mg blog. Awesome! Go google! I'll definitely try make improvements to this blog. 

take care peoples

Brule's Rules: Genders

Although he doesn't have a moustache, he should have one! If you have a moustache, don't cut it off!

The longest moustache in the world!

This hindi (or arabic?) moustache is pretty impressive. He must have spent his whole life growing it. Fantastic! From what I found out from finding this guy, his name is Muhammad and he lives in India.

Brilliant Moustaches!

I find this one to be very abstract, defying the laws of nature

I title this one: the blender

What a beautiful landscape!

While nothing to do with Moustaches, only politics!

I've decided to make a blog documenting the crazy people who inhabit the facebook page known as Being Conservative

While there are some completely normal people on there, many of the people are quite fanatical in there opinions. If you're anything like me,  you might find this stuff to be incredibly amusing:

Also, it's kind of NSFW. ENJOY!