Vacation Time! Well. For me at least

I haven't been posting for a while, so SORRY! Life comes up sometimes, but I'll be back blogging in the near future, so don't worry!

In the meantime, here's a .gif someone made of a scene in Rebecca Blacks terrible abortion of a song called 'Friday'. Take care fellow bloggers!

They have begun filming The Hobbit!

Peter Jackson is directing it as well. I think it's should be awesome. I wonder if it will come out as a dual feature though, like the last Harry Hotter movies or Kill Bill?

Here's a video of what the Hobbit potentially could look like! I'll post a real trailer when it exists.

Nothing Sells Chicken...

come on, buy my chicken a guy with a moustache. Remember, when you eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, you know you're eaeting only the finest, grain fed, lightly deep fried chicken money can buy!


Moustache/Beard length guide

Here's a guide to moustache (and beard) lengths, for those who don't know what each length of hair means. My favourite is wizard and super-wizard haha.

The Moustache Public Service Announcement

I believe this commercial from New Zealand is very important and shows the dangers of drinking. Also he has a moustache, so me posting it into this blog is acceptable. All comments appreciated :D

I need your opinion! Rate the Moustache: Frank Zappa

giving you the crazy eyes!

After tallying the votes, the Brad Pitt lip tickler moustache got a 5/10. Sorry Brad, it appears you're no longer sexiest man of the year, you Basterd. I mean it's not a bad score, but it isn't a pass. Austin probably hit it right on the nose when he said "he's probably only doing it for the free moustache rides"

The final moustache to rate is that of Frank Zappa. His moustache made him a legend in the rock world, and gave him superpowers to play crazy guitar solo's and compose the strangest of music.

What do you think of it? Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 in a comment below! Funny/good comments will be published in my next post!

Rate the Moustache: Brad Pitt from Inglorious Basterds

Yesterday I asked you to rate Robert Downy Jr.'s moustache, to which an overwhealming 10 people voted. woot

The results were an impressive 7.5 on 10! The best comment by far was by Erika, who pointed out that if you flip his picture upside down, his mouth/moustache/beard becomes this fish head thing. Mind... BLOWN!

never unsee

But todays question: On a scale of 1 to 10, what do you rate Brad Pitt's moustache from Inglorious Basterds? Leave a comment!

Rate the Moustache: Robert Downy Jr.

I don't care what you rate me,  peasant!

Todays moustache to rate is that of Robert Downy Jr. I really liked him in Tropic Thunder, although a lot of people I know said it was stupid. I know it was stupid, but just because a movie is stupid, doesn't mean it's bad (see: Forrest Gump). He makes a pretty good Ironman too, but supposidly he hated playing the role. Whatev!

On my last 'Rate the Moustache' of Kanye West, the average score was slightly under a 4 on 10. I felt the comment that most encapsulated the problem of Kanyes moustache was rinns, who said " I need a thick manly 'stache/beard for a manly man!"

So Kanye needs to step his moustache game up! Don't get down on yourself Kanye. Perhaps eating some fish sticks will make you feel better?

PS. I'd just like to mention, that if you need a break from this testosterone filled blog, and just want to look at cute animals, you should go check out the blog

which has pages and pages of little animals and it's updated daily!

Rate the Moustache: Kanye West

Is his moustache Hot or Not?
The notoriously opinionated rapper needs your rating! From a scale of one to ten, what do you give Kanye? I'll count up the votes and will give the average, and if someone writes a good comment, I'll put it up too!

Epic Justin Bieber Moustache Fail, Part 2

Bieber piloting the failchopper. 0/10

See that black guy? He's not impressed. He is disappoint. I posted an old image of Justin with a moustache, but I only became aware of this picture recently.