Beard and Moustache Championships 2011!

Little did I know that the Beard and Moustache Championships just happened again in germany a few days ago! I'll be posting photos from the championships, but there's some really awesome photos of moustaches and beards here, if you're interested

My favourite is the wizard

Take care :)

-Moustache Man

German Beard and Moustache Championships (2008)

Yes, this exists hahaha. I noticed that this guy is in the championships too! Enjoy :)

Wilford Brimley VS a Cat

A small update for today. For those who don't know, Wilford Brimley is the guy whos got diabeetus.

Take it easy!

-Moustache Man

One of the better reasons to join a club

After taking a small vacation, I'm back home to the internet. Thanks for your patience. I found this video about a moustache club, I found it informative and cool. Enjoy!


Osama Bin Laden has been caught! Here's the live feed

I'm watching it live right now, but Osama has been killed caught! Crazy! Watch it live here! Obama caught Osama!