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101 Dalmatians -> Dr. House + Arthur Weasley

So I checked on IMDB, this picture is true. It's strange how roles change. 
On an unrelated note, I got paid for the first time by mg blog. Awesome! Go google! I'll definitely try make improvements to this blog. 

take care peoples

Brule's Rules: Genders

Although he doesn't have a moustache, he should have one! If you have a moustache, don't cut it off!

The longest moustache in the world!

This hindi (or arabic?) moustache is pretty impressive. He must have spent his whole life growing it. Fantastic! From what I found out from finding this guy, his name is Muhammad and he lives in India.

Brilliant Moustaches!

I find this one to be very abstract, defying the laws of nature

I title this one: the blender

What a beautiful landscape!

While nothing to do with Moustaches, only politics!

I've decided to make a blog documenting the crazy people who inhabit the facebook page known as Being Conservative

While there are some completely normal people on there, many of the people are quite fanatical in there opinions. If you're anything like me,  you might find this stuff to be incredibly amusing:

Also, it's kind of NSFW. ENJOY!


Teddy Roosevelt on Decision Making

I can't tell if this is real or fake

I hope for her sake that its fake, but I think it's real. It could be photoshop... Oh well! Hopefully she grew it for movember to raise money for prostate cancer.

My recommendation for a Halloween/Movember Moustache!


Not only is Halloween coming up, but Movember is too! Why not kill two birds with one stone and grow a moustache for both occasions. My suggestion is the Daniel Day-Lewis from 'Gangs of New York'.

Not only would it work well in the context of a costume, but it would remain stylish for all of November as well.
Movember is a yearly event that runs during the month of november where men grow moustaches to help raise money to cure prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death in men, so it's definitely for a good cause.
There's a website dedicated to it that you can check out here:


Tom Selleck's Moustache

My favourite being the exorcist moustache. Scary! My question to you: If you had to put a moustache on any actor, who would it be? I'd choose Bruce Willis

Don't disappoint Tommy Lee Jones

They say that a picture says a thousand words? Well... that's convenient! I don't feel like writing an essay on how badass Tommy Lee Jones looks. :P

Solid Moustaches

I've realized I barely post pictures of mustaches anymore.

I've let you guys down :(

DON'T WORRY! I got some pictures up my sleeve. Enjoy :)

Pretty Classic
Gaspard Auge

Woll Smoth

Kids in the Hall

I like updating this blog with things I remember from my childhood, and one of those things was Kids in the Hall. While most Americans don't know about Kids in the Hall, it was a low-budget Canadian sketch comedy tv show that was popular in the 90s. I looked around for a while and found one of their sketches featuring someone with a moustache!


The Twelves

As a couple of you know, I am a bit of a DJ. One of my favourite new electronic music groups to appear have been 'The Twelves', a Brazillian duo from Rio De Janeiro. They also have moustaches, so they're a good example of the 'musicianstache'. The musicianstache is a moustache that's usually not kept that well, but it serves its purpose of looking cool.
2/10 and 6.5/10, respectively

And here's a really dope song by them

Finally, if you're into dance music, here's an edit I made of a french house track. enjoy :)

The Phantoms Revenge -Charlie DRIVEBOT EDIT by DRIVEBOT

It's made for DJs, so it has a long intro/outro for easy mixing, but as D4 says, it's a bit repetitive. Oh well.

Ali G talking to Buzz Aldren

This clip is old but its seriously hilarious. Interesting thing I found out about 'The Ali G' is that Seth Rogan used to write for the Ali G show.

Seth Rogan is disappointed you didn't know more about his career

Steve Harvey, Richard Pryor and a Moustache Joke

Steve Harvey needed an eventual nod in my blog.

It's interesting how his moustache is like a variation on the Richard Pryor, seen here! Both of these gentlemen are comedians as well. No surprise!

and before i go, here's a little moustache joke. It's a conversation between two people!

"You know, except for the mustache, you look a lot like my mother."

"But I don't have a mustache."

"Yes, but my mother does."

Beard and Moustache Championships 2011!

Little did I know that the Beard and Moustache Championships just happened again in germany a few days ago! I'll be posting photos from the championships, but there's some really awesome photos of moustaches and beards here, if you're interested


My favourite is the wizard

Take care :)

-Moustache Man

German Beard and Moustache Championships (2008)

Yes, this exists hahaha. I noticed that this guy is in the championships too! Enjoy :)

Wilford Brimley VS a Cat

A small update for today. For those who don't know, Wilford Brimley is the guy whos got diabeetus.

Take it easy!

-Moustache Man

One of the better reasons to join a club

After taking a small vacation, I'm back home to the internet. Thanks for your patience. I found this video about a moustache club, I found it informative and cool. Enjoy!


Osama Bin Laden has been caught! Here's the live feed

I'm watching it live right now, but Osama has been killed caught! Crazy! Watch it live here! Obama caught Osama!


Vacation Time! Well. For me at least

I haven't been posting for a while, so SORRY! Life comes up sometimes, but I'll be back blogging in the near future, so don't worry!

In the meantime, here's a .gif someone made of a scene in Rebecca Blacks terrible abortion of a song called 'Friday'. Take care fellow bloggers!

They have begun filming The Hobbit!

Peter Jackson is directing it as well. I think it's should be awesome. I wonder if it will come out as a dual feature though, like the last Harry Hotter movies or Kill Bill?

Here's a video of what the Hobbit potentially could look like! I'll post a real trailer when it exists.

Nothing Sells Chicken...

come on, buy my chicken
...like a guy with a moustache. Remember, when you eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, you know you're eaeting only the finest, grain fed, lightly deep fried chicken money can buy!


Moustache/Beard length guide

Here's a guide to moustache (and beard) lengths, for those who don't know what each length of hair means. My favourite is wizard and super-wizard haha.

The Moustache Public Service Announcement

I believe this commercial from New Zealand is very important and shows the dangers of drinking. Also he has a moustache, so me posting it into this blog is acceptable. All comments appreciated :D

I need your opinion! Rate the Moustache: Frank Zappa

giving you the crazy eyes!

After tallying the votes, the Brad Pitt lip tickler moustache got a 5/10. Sorry Brad, it appears you're no longer sexiest man of the year, you Basterd. I mean it's not a bad score, but it isn't a pass. Austin probably hit it right on the nose when he said "he's probably only doing it for the free moustache rides"

The final moustache to rate is that of Frank Zappa. His moustache made him a legend in the rock world, and gave him superpowers to play crazy guitar solo's and compose the strangest of music.

What do you think of it? Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 in a comment below! Funny/good comments will be published in my next post!

Rate the Moustache: Brad Pitt from Inglorious Basterds

Yesterday I asked you to rate Robert Downy Jr.'s moustache, to which an overwhealming 10 people voted. woot

The results were an impressive 7.5 on 10! The best comment by far was by Erika, who pointed out that if you flip his picture upside down, his mouth/moustache/beard becomes this fish head thing. Mind... BLOWN!

never unsee

But todays question: On a scale of 1 to 10, what do you rate Brad Pitt's moustache from Inglorious Basterds? Leave a comment!

Rate the Moustache: Robert Downy Jr.

I don't care what you rate me,  peasant!

Todays moustache to rate is that of Robert Downy Jr. I really liked him in Tropic Thunder, although a lot of people I know said it was stupid. I know it was stupid, but just because a movie is stupid, doesn't mean it's bad (see: Forrest Gump). He makes a pretty good Ironman too, but supposidly he hated playing the role. Whatev!

On my last 'Rate the Moustache' of Kanye West, the average score was slightly under a 4 on 10. I felt the comment that most encapsulated the problem of Kanyes moustache was rinns, who said " I need a thick manly 'stache/beard for a manly man!"

So Kanye needs to step his moustache game up! Don't get down on yourself Kanye. Perhaps eating some fish sticks will make you feel better?

PS. I'd just like to mention, that if you need a break from this testosterone filled blog, and just want to look at cute animals, you should go check out the blog


which has pages and pages of little animals and it's updated daily!

Rate the Moustache: Kanye West

Is his moustache Hot or Not?
The notoriously opinionated rapper needs your rating! From a scale of one to ten, what do you give Kanye? I'll count up the votes and will give the average, and if someone writes a good comment, I'll put it up too!

Epic Justin Bieber Moustache Fail, Part 2

Bieber piloting the failchopper. 0/10

See that black guy? He's not impressed. He is disappoint. I posted an old image of Justin with a moustache, but I only became aware of this picture recently.

Epic Moustache Prank (It's a must watch)

What's that you say. Moustache... Prank... but also epic??!?

It was also a user-submission! So thanks very much, my anonymous fan!

Vincent Van Gogh: Moustache Visionary

How could I run a blog about having epic moustaches without having Van Gogh somewhere. Everyone knows that the lead paint he used drove him to insanity, but it's a lesser known fact that his moustache helped keep him sane. Keep all this misinformation in mind, next time you see a painting by Van Gogh.

Swiss Moustache

The moustache is very wide, but I think he trimmed too much under his nose, and it's a bit patchy in the middle. The excessive use of moustache wax helps rectify this problem, but overall, an exceptional moustache. The hat and swiss suspenders really help the image. Good stuff! 9/10

Hindi Moustache

He looks pretty happy and I don't blame him. It could use some tidying up, but overall, very quality! 8.5 out of 10 on the moustache scale.

I may not be an expert on this, but I'm pretty sure it's shopped

The earrings are a nice touch. It definitely gives a Mexican vibe. Note the feint traces of a beard

Impress your friends with a Moustache Cake

It gases longingly into your eyes
It's actually a cake of Tom Selleck. The little pink flowers add to the fantasy, while the chesthair made of sprinkles is a nice touch!

My friend pointed out to me a few posts ago that behind him is a zen garden.  Lol. gangster. I also cleaned up my blog a bit, to make it load faster, decreasing overall suckiness by 20%. woot!

Three moustaches to start off your day

 I feel bad for the cat. someone must have put moustache wax in it's fur hahaha.

baww kitty
This forehead moustache is a crime in itself.
no. just no.
While this is more beard than moustache, he gets major points in my books.
 Rainbow stache gets points in my book

Pai Mei: King of Earth

(This article was too good to not repost. I'll start making original content soon :P

 For millennia, undignified men across the globe have yearned for the ability to grow badass amounts of facial hair, then shape it to show off their wisdom and power within. While many may try, only a choice few have ever been able to achieve the careful balance of patience, bravery, and inner-awesomeness to actually grow the hair of their dreams.

Pai Mei is one of these men.

His raw amount of eyebrow hair combined with the reconstruction of the classic Fu Manchu turns his boring, spherical monkey-like face into a thing of ancient power and virtue.

Submit any pictures of men who has achieved this godlike status to epicmoustacheblog@gmail.com

Could have been worse. 7/10

Repost: 6 Steps to Growing the Moustache of your Dreams

This post was so good, I had to repost it for new viewers: read away!

Einsteins knowing look says it all
Growing a moustache is no easy task. It takes perseverance, patience, and backbone. Show your friends (and especially your enemies) that you're better than them. Here's some easy steps to help start you on your journey.

Maybe next year
Step 1. Figure out your age.

Can you even grow a 'stache? Is it even a possibility for you? If your mom still folds your underpants, you probably can't. If girls still have cooties, you shouldn't be growing one in the first place.

Adopted? Well ask your fake parents to estimate. You should be at least (AT LEAST) 18 years old. Anything younger than that and it's just going to look patchy and gross.

This isn't a girl. Just a heads up.

Step 2: Figure out your gender

 If you're a male, continue to Step 3. This step should be pretty easy for most of us. If you can't get past this step, I suggest asking 5 strangers on the street to see which gender you most look like. Hopefully, most should know. Don't accept candy or enter any vans. Just walk away. Walk. Away.

Step 3: Which Moustache is Right for You?

Choosing the right 'stache is very important. You cannot start off wanting to grow a Box Car then switch to Trucker.  That's unthinkable! You will have disastrous results. Just don't. Figure out which moustache you want to grow and stick to it.

If you can't make up your mind, go for business man or undercover brother. Both are respectable. 

Step 4: Wait

Like all fine things in life, moustaches take patience and time, like a fine wine, or aged cheddar cheese.

That's the Spirit!
Here's some suggestions:
  • -Chop wood
  • -Buy a watch
  • -Eat bacon
  • -Find a wife (this becomes easier with a moustache though)
  • -Fight in a war
  • -Drive a truck
  • -Sleep (keep one eye open at all times)
  • -Buy scissors and a razor


Step 5: Taming the Beast

So the hair has started to grow, has it? good stuff. It's better to start taming the 'stache at the start rather than letting your face turn into a jungle then hacking through it with a machete (although the second option gets you man points).

Use scissors to trim the long bits, and a razor to cut the short bits. Don't use shaving cream. It only reduces irritation, and if you can't man through skin irritation; growing a moustache isn't for you. If you screw up this stage, cut it all off and go back to step 4.

Step 6: Welcome to Moustache Paradise

When your moustache reaches completion, you will start to notice slight changes. Arms and legs feel stronger, women seem suddenly attracted to your dangerous side, food tastes better than it ever had. Colours even start to look brighter. You've done it. You've done it brother. You've made us proud! You've made all of us proud!