Kids in the Hall

I like updating this blog with things I remember from my childhood, and one of those things was Kids in the Hall. While most Americans don't know about Kids in the Hall, it was a low-budget Canadian sketch comedy tv show that was popular in the 90s. I looked around for a while and found one of their sketches featuring someone with a moustache!


The Twelves

As a couple of you know, I am a bit of a DJ. One of my favourite new electronic music groups to appear have been 'The Twelves', a Brazillian duo from Rio De Janeiro. They also have moustaches, so they're a good example of the 'musicianstache'. The musicianstache is a moustache that's usually not kept that well, but it serves its purpose of looking cool.
2/10 and 6.5/10, respectively

And here's a really dope song by them

Finally, if you're into dance music, here's an edit I made of a french house track. enjoy :)

The Phantoms Revenge -Charlie DRIVEBOT EDIT by DRIVEBOT

It's made for DJs, so it has a long intro/outro for easy mixing, but as D4 says, it's a bit repetitive. Oh well.

Ali G talking to Buzz Aldren

This clip is old but its seriously hilarious. Interesting thing I found out about 'The Ali G' is that Seth Rogan used to write for the Ali G show.

Seth Rogan is disappointed you didn't know more about his career