My Rating of a few Trucker Moustaches

Earls got the dirtiness: He needs to trim his top lip though, it's falling into his mouth almost. 7/10

Why are Hulk Hogans eyes so red? His Moustache is pure class, and defined himself as a Wrestling Superstar (whatever that is). 10/10

Not Bad. The Bleach Blond hair doesn't work well with the stache. Not bad though. 6/10

On the left. 10/10. On the right 4/10. Sorry bro, you just don't measure up!


  1. Loving the moustaches today. Brilliant stuff as always. Been fascinated by moustaches for most of my life - I consider them one of my main interests. Just such fantastic facial hair.

  2. How would you rate Ron Burgundy's mustache? Anyway, new to your blog, but following for the epicness.

  3. does a stache with a goatee still count?