Carleton Banks and Pepsi Cola

Carlton always get 10/10. No exceptions!

The face of Carlton Banks is that of timeless unpopularity, but did you know that Alfonzo Ribeira was also a backup dancer in Michael Jackson's 'Pepsi Generation' video?

That's right: he helped sell Pepsi. Not so unpopular now, is he?!?

Check the video below! For those who don't know, it's a 'remix' of Billy Jean.


  1. Oh my god! Carleton's moustache is fucking brilliant! That's quality right there.

  2. hahaah I never knew he was in the pepsi commericial

  3. that commercial never gets old

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  4. One of the best day's of my life was meeting the guy who played 'G' aka Geoffrey from Fresh Prince - what an awesome guy.... Master William!

  5. haha..Carlton is so funny. Cute video

  6. I forgot about this commercial.. He could really dance :)