Are LEGO designers racist?!

I'm not sure if anyone else but me realized this (I'm pretty sure nobody but me has, actually), but LEGO designers must have some beef against people with moustaches. Every time a character made with LEGOs is fashioned with a moustache, they have an evil, disgruntled expression on their face.

This LEGO worker is obviously disgruntled with his current construction job. Communist!
But why does LEGO do this? I think it's to subliminally teach children aged 4-10 not to trust people with moustaches, when there's no real evidence out there (other than what movies teach us) that people with moustaches are more evil than people without them. While I might sound like a rambling Glenn Beck right now, let me show you more examples of LEGOs general hatred towards moustaches.

This is the head of LEGOs 'Santa Claus' head. tsk tsk.

This guy is obviously modelled after that dude from Indiana Jones (but that guy didn't have a 'stache.)
Just look at his evil eyebrows!
To LEGOs credit,  I did find a LEGO man with a happy expression on his face, but really he just looks like a stereotypical archaeologist guy. But don't let his smile deceive you, his eyebrows are still mildly arched evilly.

Adventure time eminent.

On another note, my followers have officially surpassed my number of posts! Sweet. Thanks guys!

-The Moustache Man


  1. I didn't realise this at all, but as I recall now - it is true! Damn, who would think?

  2. Ya lego people have a legacy of not caring.

  3. Oh my god, that is the biggest problem?
    Don't think so

  4. I think it's obvious that the Lego developers couldn't grow cool mustaches and placed their discruntled face on with their dream mustaches :P