Moustache Trend? /barf

I hope your finger smells bad

Somehow there's been this recent trend by people (even on my facebook!) who are trying to seem either clever or funny. Instead they look unfunny, stupid, and give a good argument for pro-choice. That's a tattoo by the way. It should serve as a reminder to not make bad decisions later in life

Am I completely wrong here? Is this funny and I'm not getting the joke?


  1. I know what you mean.
    It is really irritating to me too.
    A few months ago, girls in one of my classes were talking so loud i'd consider them yelling and I overheard their conversation about how they plan on getting the exact same tattoo as shown above. They wanted to get the tattoo of a mustache on their finger and be "Cute" or something.
    I think it is one of the stupidest trends in the past few years to come up.
    I can't stand these people.

  2. No, it's not funny. It may have been at one point when the person who first started it did it, but now it's just everyone trying to be cool, and failing hard.

  3. funny the first time, now a hilariously overplayed fad

  4. This was never funny, never cool, and never clever. Just stop, people. You are killing it more and more each time you draw a hideous moustache on your finger. Leave the moustaching to the pros. Thanks.

  5. finger stache not funny. its like pulling ur eyes squinty and pretending to be asian.

  6. hahaha thanks for the comments guys!

  7. All I know is this moustache I have is killing me, I need to shave now!

    Sometimes being manly and having hair sucks.

  8. mustaches are ugly. mustaches are NOT cute. ever. in any way. Not cute. little puppies are cute. If you need to improve your face and make it cute, put a puppy on it.

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