Over 100 subscribers?! Over 5000 views?! OVER 9000 POWERLEVEL?!

But seriously folks. If I say so myself; not so shabby! . Notice how the clip even features a moustache. that's how real %$#* gets sometimes. Just ask R Kelly.

But in all honesty, I'm posting some celebratory moustaches for your eyes only. The results of the polls are in, and people seem to be favouring pictures of epic moustaches over articles and videos. So more pictures will be posted with captions. Thanks again for voting + following me :) <3<3

;-) Ron gets 7.5/10

you get 6/10 lenin

0/10. Put your collar down!
Tom Selleck gets 9/10 for the manliness that escapes from it

-40 / 10 for Rebecca Black. God... never again. never make another song again.